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The LipoLite Laser Liposculpture treatment and VASER® Lipo are two of the most exciting new procedures brought to you by Dr. Shieh and RejuvaYou Medical Spas.  With LipoLite and Vaser Lipo, clients get the benefits of immediate, permanent fat removal, smoother body sculpting, skin tightening, along with minimized risks and downtime.

At RejuvaYou, we use Lipolite and VASER® Lipo to give our patients improved healing and recovery as well as better treatment results over traditional liposuction techniques.
Traditional liposuction is more traumatic to the tissues because a suction cannula (or tube) is used to literally suck and tear off fat cells as the tube is moved vigorously back and forth below the skin.  While this can remove fat cells permanently, trauma is caused to the connective tissues and blood vessels.  The potential exists for irregular fat pockets left behind as well as irregular scar tissues.  Bleeding, bruising and longer healing is also a result of this type of approach.

Vaser Lipo, "LipoSelection" Liposculpting is a body sculpting treatment performed awake with local anesthetic.  After anesthetic fluid is infused to treatment areas, an ultrasound probe is used first to liquefy superficial and deep fat.  Studies show that the VASER® Lipo approach tightens over 50% more than traditional liposuction.  Because the fat is liquefied first, the suction removal of the fat is easier and less traumatic than liposuction.  The result is better definition and sculpting, less bruising, smoother and firmer skin, and faster recovery.  VASER® Lipo can maximize the amount of fat removed, and is great for larger volume fat reduction as well as smaller fine sculpting needs.  The VASER® Lipo approach is also ideal for collecting fat for use in fat transfer to the breast, buttocks, or face.

LipoLite is an excellent tool to help tighten skin, and is typically used in areas without a significant amount of fat that needs to be removed. Common areas for LipoLite are the submental (below chin) and neck areas.  LipoLite is also performed awake with local anesthetic.  After anesthetic is infused, a small laser probe is inserted below the skin to heat fat cells to liquefy them, as well as heating the dermis to cause skin tightening.  Deeper fat is then suctioned out along with the liquefied fat.  The result is finer sculpting of treatment areas with smoother, firmer and tighter skin.

Dr. Shieh will determine the ideal treatment approach for your particular concerns during your initial consultation.