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As seen on Rachel Ray Show!

We are thrilled to be able to offer this amazing treatment for remodeling wrinkles and scars!  This new treatment is called the Matrix IR, and it uses fractional technology to deliver focused fractional beams of laser energy combined synergistically with radiofrequency energy to directly remodel the collagen below wrinkles and acne scars.  The Matrix IR fractional energies are delivered and focused at the 2.5 mm depth, exactly at the important collagen layer of your skin.

With NO DOWNTIME, no crusting, scabbing, or blistering, this new treatment is an evolution and dramatic improvement over prior treatments that tried to accomplish wrinkle improvement, such as: 
CO2 and other laser skin resurfacing - caused significant downtime, scabbing and crusting of skin, redness that took up to 6 months to resolve.
Fractional (Fraxel) lasers - were "minimally ablative" and still cause downtime with scabbing and crusting.  Penetration depth was only 1mm at best, far short of the collagen that sits at a depth of 2.5 - 3mm.
Thermage Thermacool - a monopolar radiofrequency energy device, uses electrical energies that transmit through your body, causing not only heating of the skin and collagen, but also has been responsible for over 194 adverse events reported on the FDA website.  Injuries include nerve damage, fat necrosis, skin atrophy, and burns.

The following pictures are of Dr. Shieh's father after only 1 treatment with the first prototype Matrix IR device.  RejuvaYou has perfected the treatment protocol and is ready to give you the best possible outcome without downtime!

RejuvaYou is also an FDA investigator for the eMatrix / Matrix RF, where fractional skin resurfacing is accomplished with NO lasers.  Matrix RF utilizes only radiofrequency electrical energy to fractionally resurface the skin with a control that lasers cannot attain.  Patients have less downtime with the Matrix RF than laser based fractional treatments, and this treatment is also the safest for patients of color, or ethnic skin.

Coming soon, we will be featuring an exclusive video of the Matrix RF as performed on Corky Ballas, world ballroom dance champion, by Dr. John Shieh, MD at RejuvaYou Medical Spas!



South Pasadena, Calif. - April 24, 2009 -  Corky Ballas of Dancing with the Stars fame will step off the dance floor and into the doctor's office this Sunday when he receives the latest in cosmetic medicine.  Ballas is set to receive the newly FDA-approved eMatrix procedure to fractionally resurface the skin.

Renowned cosmetic medicine specialist John Shieh, M.D. will perform the non-invasive skin treatment at RejuvaYou Medical Spas in South Pasadena using eMatrix  -  the world's first Radiofrequency-only (RF-only) fractional skin resurfacing device.

Corky Ballas' interest in the treatment reflects the newest trend in cosmetic medicine - men now more openly seeking cosmetic treatments and finding it more socially acceptable.  

"Men are recognizing that in the current economic environment they need to feel and appear their best to compete in the competitive marketplace," said Dr. Shieh.  "We find patients are increasingly opting for non-invasive cosmetic treatments rather than surgical procedures."

The eMatrix procedure has been shown to result in smoother skin and reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and blemishes. It has also been shown to firm and tighten the skin.  

Ballas has agreed to openly discuss his treatment and have it recorded for media broadcast.

Ballas appeared in last season's Dancing with the Stars with actress Cloris Leachman and is the father of current season's Dancing with the Stars professional Mark Ballas.  Corky Ballas is the current World Pro/Am Champion and has numerous ballroom dance award titles including eight-time US Professional Ballroom Champion, three-time US Pro/Am Champion and World Professional Latin Champion.  More information on Ballas may be found at www.corky.com/bio.html.

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